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Welcome to the web page of the Organization for Civil Initiatives.

We believe that viewing of our web pages will provide you with enough information about us, our work and our efforts, and maybe some of the content will be beneficial to your work.

For start, we will give you some general information about us:

Organization for Civil Initiatives – OCI was founded in 1992 in Osijek.

Until 1996.. we acted as an informal group of citizens. We registered non-profit organization 23.05.1996.g. After years of working in Slavonia and Baranja, in 2002.g. we also started to work in the Middle Dalmatia by opening regional office in Drniš.

Today our organization works through our two offices in Osijek and Drniš, with support from domestic and foreign donors and with self-financing through social entrepreneurship, in concordance with our business plan.

Currently, Organization has 16 employees on work contract. Organization hires external experts and volunteers, depending on the project needs.

Organization has 2 offices (in Osijek and Drniš), ). Premises are owned by local self-governments which granted us their usage free of charge. Organization owns different equipment (office furniture, computers, photo-copiers, fax machines, LCD overhead projectors, laptops, scanners etc, as well as two Jeep Cherokee office vehicles) All equipment is owned by the organization.

Organization developed System of quality of work and implements it through different forms of technical assistance in the country and abroad (Legal documents that arrange inner structure, organization of work, relations among members and employees, procedures in decision-making process, financial management, Internal act for public procurement of small values, responsibilities and rights of members and employees, etc. Most of the documents are brought by the Assembly and Management board, and one part of documents id brought by the organization's management in concordance with the Statute, as well as laws, rules and regulations).

In program sense, Organization went through different phases of program work that were conditioned by the needs of the community in different periods of our work.

As a part of our regular Strategic planning, we defined directions of work for 2009 – 2013:

Organization's vision
Includable and sustainable community development based on knowledge and innovations.

Organization's mission
Support for citizens and public sector in development of democratic institutions and development of social services and social entrepreneurship in communities.

Aim / Mission / Purpose of the organization is the development and enouragement of social activities, sustainable development, democratic political culture, economics, human rights and education, science and research.

In accordance to it, areas of activties are:

  • Social activities
  • Sustainable activities
  • Democratic political culture
  • Economics
  • Human rights
  • Education, science and research

Economic activities - beisde mentioned activities, organization does economic activities in accordance to aims / mission / purpose of the organization.

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